On 30.05.17 we will travel through Europe.

Backpack Stories events are travel lectures from travellers
to travellers. It’s all about authentic stories from all over the world.

Join our event „Roadtrip across Europe“ and meet & connect with other globetrotters! Talk to like-minded people and exchange travel tips and tricks and share first-hand experiences!

If you wanna see a lot of countries in a quick time – Europe is the best for summer season.
Its very easy to travel by train, bus, plane or car.
We wanna take you in different parts of Europe. Where can you go? What should you see?

Come with us and have a nice evening!
The first part starts at 7.00 pm with:

Lennart Wittstock

Wildcamping on the Atlantic coast of France

2014 on Easter-Time I was traveling with my buddy Lenard, his car and 2 pop-up-tents. We drove from Bretagne to Bordeaux and stopped now and then. To have the maximal freedom we slept in the wildness in our tents. There were strange places to sleep on the way – and this is one of the stories I wanna tell you!


Niklas Faralisch

Between nowhere and big cities

From the German Baltic coast over Gdansk it goes to Klaipėda. From there further in the north to Riga, further to Tallinn and as last destination to St. Petersburg. About small villages to one of biggest Russian metropolis. For me and a production team was 2016 the Baltic States route part of a production slot. We started in Germany and discovered than about small villages by bus and ship together the itinerary along the Baltic Sea.


The 2. part starts at 9.00 pm with this wunderful guys:

Malte Stolpe

Hitchhiking – by accident – within the Arctic region

Once I tried to book a flight to Italy and ended up hitchhiking, for the first time in my life, in Finland. The next year, I wanted to travel around the Baltic Sea and ended up unprepared in the Arctic Region of northern Europe.
This year, I just wanted to see Finland again and found myself, sleeping in a tent at -15 degrees Celsius, in Norway.
And now I want to share, how this could’ve happened.

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VVK: 11,00 €, AK: 13,00 €

*Preliminary program


GoEuro will be the host of this first english speaking event!
Many thanks to them and we hope meet you there!


Carla Vollert


Max Hutter

Max is a travel guy and talked already two times about his travel story in Cologne.
Now I am very happy to have him as the presenter of my Backpack Stories Event in Berlin.